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New Photographers 2017

  1. John MacLean
    John MacLean
  2. Dani Pujalte
    Dani Pujalte
  3. Felicia Simion
    Felicia Simion
  4. Emanuele Camerini
    Emanuele Camerini
  5. Hilary Walker
    Hilary Walker
  6. Jessica Ashley-Stokes
    Jessica Ashley-Stokes
  7. DHCF
    Veronique L'Hoste
  8. Sophie Hunter
    Sophie Hunter
  9. Carl Leathers
    Carl Leathers
  10. Lila Chemin
    Lila Chemin
  11. Iggy Smalls
    Iggy Smalls
  12. Robert Law
    Robert Law
  13. Iain Sarjeant
    Iain Sarjeant
  14. Leonardo Magrelli
    Leonardo Magrelli
  15. Megan Wilson-De La Mare
    Megan Wilson-De La Mare
  16. Ana Santos
    Ana Santos
  17. Polly Lyddon
    Polly Lyddon
  18. Marcus Cederberg
    Marcus Cederberg
  19. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts
  20. Darren Carlin
    Darren Carlin
  21. Katharine MacDaid
    Katharine MacDaid
  22. Mirchev Nikolay
    Mirchev Nikolay
  23. Dibs MaCallam
    Dibs MaCallam
  24. GFHSD
    Darko Labor
  25. Jack Minto
    Jack Minto
  26. Jamie Hladky
    Jamie Hladky
  27. Luc Kordas
    Luc Kordas
  28. Shawn Records
    Shawn Records
  29. Chiara Bellamoli
    Chiara Bellamoli

Millennium is proud to present our new gallery displaying a selection of exciting work from some of our recent submissions. We strive to promote striking and engaging imagery. We hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of new work.