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Millennium Images

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Book Publishing Portfolio

  1. Lara Giannotti
    Lara Giannotti
  2. Jack Latham
    Jack Latham
  3. Karl Doyle
    Karl Doyle
  4. Kelly Hill
    Kelly Hill
  5. Christophe Darbelet
    Christophe Darbelet
  6. Brighitta Moser-Clark
    Brighitta Moser-Clark
  7. Alessandra Botticella
    Alessandra Botticella
  8. Robert Norbury
    Robert Norbury
  9. Sandy Johanson
    Sandy Johanson
  10. Marijan Gluhak
    Marijan Gluhak
  11. Michael Franke
    Michael Franke
  12. Den Reader
    Den Reader
  13. Slaven Gabric
    Slaven Gabric
  14. Marcus Davies
    Marcus Davies
  15. Nigel Maudsley
    Nigel Maudsley
  16. Loreen Hinz
    Loreen Hinz
  17. Shelley Belboda
    Shelley Belboda
  18. Sudi

Featuring the best new work submitted over the last three months aimed specifically at book publishers.

You can download the complete free PDF gallery here consisting of over sixty pages and two hundred and fifty images.

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