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Jeff Cottenden Collection

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Millennium is proud to announce that it is now selling reproduction rights to the still life work of photographer Jeff Cottenden.

Jeff’s first commissions included briefs for ENO, Royal Opera House and Barbican. The breadth of his photography has since developed and he has regularly worked in such areas as publishing, music, food, interiors and advertising.

His style throughout has remained one of story telling, employing an illustrative approach and using natural light to capture mood and evoke a sense of time and place.

Much of Jeff’s current work is related to portraiture, but he often shoots still lives alongside portraits, using his highly developed sense of place and object to create poignant and meaningful pictures. He has built up an extensive collection of such images which employ his acute observational qualities.

Jeff Cottenden lives in London. He is currently working on projects and commissions for clients in the UK, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Munich.