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New work by Amlie Berton

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Amélie Berton is a French art lover and self-taught photographer who resides in Brussels, where she enjoys an inspiring multicultural environment.

She took up photography to document and capture important events and personal moments. She is a portrait photographer and is fascinated by human shapes and emotions.

Eager to actualise her thoughts and ideas, she decided to explore staged portraiture in order to create visual concepts. She discovered that photography wasn’t meant only to document the outside world, but also to express a more intimate inner world.

She creates her images by carefully positioning models or herself to express the emotions she wants to portray, from sorrow to joy. She tells a story within the frame of a photograph, questioning the difference between dreams and reality.

In her work she tends to blur the borders between painting and photography with the use of surreal elements. Applying strokes of light and bold colours over the images gives them a painterly quality and allows her to control every detail of the final result.