Coast to Coast by Jean-Marc Caimi
Coast to Coast by Jean-Marc Caimi

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The majority of Italians who work in the big industrial cities, during the summer make a comeback to their hometowns. Most of the foreign workers from East Europe, Africa and Asia who live in Italy, but cannot afford passage back to their native countries, also stay for the summer. This mass of people converge to the small coastal villages forming a multifaceted internal movement. People on the beach, in the summer, become ambivalent to economic conditions creating a real seaside democracy. As social and professional boundaries are absent, the subjects become like the litmus paper of a changing country.

These portraits represent a journey along Italian coastlines portraying an intimate face of the country, picturing families, singles, Casanovas, geeks and many others. People are photographed in their bathing suits without preconceptions of any beauty stereotype.

This is a coastal trip around Italy to meet common people with fascinating, intriguing visual aspects, posing on a minimal seafront background. A way of recounting the country through the body language of people, in a series of pictures that simultaneously contrast and emphasise, giving us a unique perspective.

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