Gallipoli 1915 – 2015 A Local Legacy
Gallipoli 1915 – 2015 A Local Legacy, An exhibition of photographs by James Hughes.

Mid Antrim Museum, The Braid, 1-29 Bridge Street, Ballymena .

Gallipoli 1915 – 2015: A Local Legacy

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The Gallipoli peninsula is the haunting site of one of the Great War’s most historic battles. Soldiers and sailors of three great vanished empires – the British, French and Ottoman – fought and died on this infamous ground in 1915.

The grand Anglo-French dream of capturing Constantinople and supporting the hard-pressed Russians on the eastern front was a bleak failure, with a quarter of a million casualties in nine mere months.

The campaign suffered shocking logistical failures. The allies were condemned by poor leadership, inadequate equipment and terrible bad luck, and gave the Turks opportunity to mount costly counter-attacks. For them, the resolute defense of their homeland would gain legendary status.

In the post-war years, Gallipoli stood as a symbol of sacrifice and national identity; a symbol of pride or shame for the nations involved. Now, a century after the combat, James Hughes has brought the astute, compassionate and critical eye of a gifted photographer to capture what is left of that wave-swept shoreline. He has retrieved the rusted bric-a-brac of battle and recorded the impact of time, tide and human behavior on this historic stretch of European Turkey.

The ghosts of Gallipoli remain today. They haunt us in a world that has still not found peace. The photographs in this remarkable collection are a testimony to this beautiful, disturbing and pivotal place.

As part of the launch historian Philip Orr will lead an informal discussion with James Hughes

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