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Featuring the work of contributor Christopher Roberts

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Photographer Focus

  1. IET - interior and exterior photography
  2. 4 Mountbatten Room, Second Floor (Now the Knowledge Centre) (2)
  3. The Lanesborough Hotel
  5. IET - interior and exterior photography
  6. 12 Kelvin Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor (1)
  7. IET - interior and exterior photography
  8. IET - interior and exterior photography
  9. IET - interior and exterior photography
  10. IET - interior and exterior photography
  11. IET - interior and exterior photography
  12. IET - interior and exterior photography
  13. 33 Wedmore Boardroom, First Floor
  14. The Lanesborough Hotel
  15. The Lanesborough Hotel
  16. The Lanesborough Hotel
  17. The Lanesborough Hotel
  18. The Lanesborough Hotel
  19. The Lanesborough Hotel
  20. The Lanesborough Hotel
  21. The Lanesborough Hotel
  22. The Lanesborough Hotel
  23. The Lanesborough Hotel
  24. The Lanesborough Hotel
  25. 1 Store Room - mazzanaine level
  26. IET - interior and exterior photography
  27. IET - interior and exterior photography

Siobh Dorans current output ranges from the publication of her second book, The Reimagined Lanesborough, to the design and curating of a new exhibition, Savoy Place Revealed; a building documentation commissioned by the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Siobhs architectural work has included the St Pancras Hotel and Savoy projects the former, a 2006 series of images of the semi-derelict Victorian railway masterpiece as it awaited renovation; the latter, an exhaustive three-year chronicle of one of the worlds most iconic hotels undergoing wholesale restoration. Her latest such commission is for another prestigious London hotel: this time, the renovation of Hyde Parks famous Lanesborough Hotel by renowned interior designer Alberto Pinto.

She is especially drawn to a balance of old and new buildings. With a keen interest in both furniture and residential work. Siobhán works alongside designers, contractors and building owners, and is eager to collaborate in order to capture their brief while preserving her own style.