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Millennium Images

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We Walk in Beauty

  1. auerbach_bedardredel.tif
  2. ruthelviraloom.tif
  3. auerbach_beharrishea.tif
  4. canyonriders.tif
  5. auerbach_milesrebek.tif
  6. auerbach_zepedaofel.tif
  7. elvirapen.tif
  8. calvinstanding.tif
  9. JoJolaJoe.tif
  10. auerbach_goseyuncrai.tif
  11. auerbach_pratertiffa.tif
  12. romerocrucita.tif
  13. canyonview.tif
  14. auerbach_goseyunblue.tif
  15. benallyruth.tif
  16. auerbach_zepedaofel2.tif
  17. auerbach_redelkgrpro.tif
  18. auerbach_tiffanystre.tif
  19. auerbach_laketamara.tif
  20. auerbach_carrierebel.tif
  21. redelkgreg1.tif
  22. auerbach_okemahl.tif
  23. auerbach_draperedd.tif
  24. ThompsonJohn.tif
  25. auerbach_redhouserex.tif
  26. jironterisino.tif

The rich images presented here are documents of family history, valuable to Native Nations and non-Indian audiences alike. They evoke treasured memories, elicit personal and cultural stories, and stimulate ideas. Breaking with the past, Auerbach is one of the first photographers to invite his subjects to participate as full partners in the collaborative process of making a photograph.