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In Limbo


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New book publication-In Limbo by Zisis Kardianos

“In Limbo” is a suggestive personal record of the state of flux and insecurity of the Greek people, particularly those living in Athens, after the on-going economic recession burst into their lives.

What began as an economic crisis soon also became a social and humanitarian one, irrevocably affecting the perceptions and the psyche of a whole nation and tearing through what was for so long and so delusively taken for granted.

My photographic exploration is suggestive and restrained, resisting exploitative poverty porn, taking instead the pulse of the street, not a thoroughfare bustling with commercial vibrancy or even a fake euphoria, but one on which an ineffable mixture of frustration, sadness and bewilderment has penetrated every moment of people’s lives.

This book is comprised of images in a quasi-documentary style, but the stories behind them have been stripped away in order to enhance their lyrical aspect at the expense of the informational.

15x29cm, 68 pages, 33 b&w images

Self-Published; 2017

Edition of 100 hand-numbered and signed copies

Printed on Arctic Volume High White 150gsm paper

Photographs and text © Zisis Kardianos, 2017

Price 15€

Order from www.zisiskardianos.com/books