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Millennium Images is proud to announce the launch of our seventh Catalogue

With over 25 years in photography and knowledge, Millennium Images has always been at the forefront of contemporary photography, curating work from established and unlikely photographers to challenge and inspire our client base. This latest catalogue endeavours to showcase images to inspire you. We sell reproduction rights, put on exhibitions, sell prints and undertake portfolio reviews. Working with many organisations we supply images for magazines, advertising and especially book covers throughout the world.

Designed by StudioThomson, his starting point was researching the definition of the word ‘millennium’. Our favourite interpretation is ‘a period of universal happiness, peace, and prosperity’, a euphoric phrase full of hope, and especially uplifting in challenging times. Building on this positive philosophy, Chris Thomson felt the design should express the community that is Millennium, the coming together of passionate artists, sharing the world they live in and their relationships with each other.

The cover design is a compact, sustainable, tactile experience with four different bindings, the print details expertly guided by Park Print. The content includes reference pages, editorial profiles, blank pages for ‘Thoughts’, and QR Codes for external links. Given the small size, the layouts showcase the photography with great impact, and the strong narrative flow emphasises that these artworks are also dynamic, commercially-viable, creative solutions.

Our catalogue is printed using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced from UK wind. Our paper is recycled, and our publication is carbon neutral. We have also donated to forest protection in Cujubim, Brazil. This has enabled 2,120kg of  CO₂ to be offset.

We hope you enjoy our Catalogue Seventh and feel the passion we put on building it. Featuring 298 artists we seek to inspire our clients and celebrate the amazing talent of our contributors.

You can access the PDF version here or buy a printed copy here.

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