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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Keywords

Find the right image by typing a keyword into the Search Box. Then press enter, or click on the magnifying glass symbol to show the images. You can use a combination of words. For instance if you type “woman flowers” the results page will show you all the images of women with flowers.

Search Options on the left of the page will help you to refine your search. For instance if your initial search was for “animal” you could exclude “cat” to find all animals but not cats.
There are other combinations you can try to further filter your search.

Intuitive Search

We have another method of finding images too. This one will usually start with a keyword but then allows you more freedom to explore the collection by finding similar images:

Start by choosing Intuitive Search from the menu on the right of the Search Box. Type in a keyword and press enter, or click on the magnifying glass. You will see a selection of images which correspond to your keyword search. Now click on one of the images. Our algorithm will make a different selection for you loosely based on the appearance of the image you clicked on. You can then click on another image and get a new selection. Many people find this method of searching brings them more interesting results than using keywords. And it can be a lot of fun wandering through the collection in this way.


When you come across an image that you like you can put it into a “lightbox” for future reference. So if you are doing a search for “summer trees” you may find hundreds of images in your search results. If you hover your curser over any image you will see a link to add it to your lightbox. (If the image has already been added you can remove it here too.) Once an image has been added to the lightbox you will see a small version of it appearing near the top of the screen. If you cannot see all of the images in your lightbox you can scroll along it using your track pad. You can go to edit lightbox to view the images, remove them, make notes on them, rename the lightbox or send it to someone else. You can also see and alter a list of all your lightboxes by going to My Lightboxes. You can hide or show your current lightbox by toggling the lightbox link at the top right of the search results page.

Different sized images

You can view different sizes of images on the results page by clicking on the image size buttons at the top right of the page. In addition you can choose how many images per page to view in the Search Options panel. You can also toggle the “zoom” button to turn on and off the facility to view a larger version of an image you are browsing.


When you are browsing you can click on an image to go to the Magnify page. This also shows you a bigger version of the image. In addition magnify lets you perform various functions. Add the image to the lightbox (or remove it,) download a comp (size of image useful for making presentations) and express download a high res (the image you can use to reproduce for a book cover, in a magazine etc).

High Res

You can quickly download a high res file from the Magnify page. These images are normally large enough for reproduction. All the images on the site are copyright and no image should be reproduced or copied without our permission. Reproduction right fees apply and must be negotiated with Millennium.

When you wish to download a high res image you will need to type the intended usage into the relevant box and agree to the terms and conditions. You can download up to two high reses without any special permissions, but when you try to download a third you will receive a message asking if you want to apply for unlimited downloads. We will normally respond to such requests very quickly, and we nearly always agree to granting unlimited downloads.


You can access your personal notes through the Notes key as well as through the My Milim pages (my.milim.com). You can access My Milim to change your details etc by clicking on your name at the top of the page.

Buying reproduction rights

When you have chosen an image that you may want to use you should contact Millennium to find out what the price for your usage would be and to make sure of its availability. We will need information about the usage, particularly (where relevant) the print run, the period of the license, the size of usage and the territories. You can submit information about your intended usage by clicking on the “request price” link on the magnify page or by sending us an email at mail@milim.com

The Interface

The Interface is our way of supplying your image needs if you cannot find what you are looking for by searching our site. The way it works is that you post a search for us on the Interface (for example “Woman wearing sari surrounded by tea plantations – for book cover” or “Pictures of Toulouse, France – for travel feature”). Our system then forwards the request to our many hundreds of enrolled and accredited photographers. These photographers know that time is usually short (we include a deadline,) and that the images have to be of our usual Millennium quality. Photographers then forward any high res files to us that they think are suitable and we forward those on to you. This works well a surprising number of times, and if you still do not see the ideal image for your project all that you have lost is the time it has taken to type a one-line email.