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Trivial Pursuits

Photography by new contributor Orlando Gili, published by Hoxton Mini Press, with an introduction by Lucy Davies.

From cheese rolling to opera: a photographic study of what leisure time means for the English.

When the UK decided to leave the EU, London-born photographer Orlando Gili set out to capture who the English really are. He fixed his lens on the nation’s rather strange love
of leisure. This book, now published in a different time, is a document of the freedoms that we now so sorely miss. From horse racing to wartime reenactments, carnivals to clubs, from ancient and quintessential rituals (medieval village bottle-kicking competitions) to the more modern (Santa pub crawls) the images reveal that which unites a divided nation: a relentless desire for organised fun. Trivial Pursuits is a celebration of the community, culture and tradition of the English… recorded just before the world changed.

‘Gili’s images focus on the group rather than the individual, offering a panoptic version of English identity, one that emphasis the timelessness and spirit-lifting properties of these pastimes.’ Lucy Davies from the introduction

  1. Trivial-Pursuits-Cover_1024x1024.jpg
  2. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_27
    Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling, Gloucestershire
  3. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_20
    Whitstable Oyster Festival, Kent
  4. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_42
    People’s Vote march, Park Lane, London
  5. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_69
    Bestival, Dorset
  6. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_59
    Last Night of the Proms, Hyde Park, London
  7. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_66
    DJ Argue presents Hell in a Cell 2, Shoreditch, London
  8. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_80
    World Cup 2018 England vs Tunisia, Essex
  9. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_76
    Pride, Soho, London
  10. TrivialPursuits2020_Gili_8
    Royal Gunpowder Mills VE Weekend, Essex

Orlando Gili is a London-based photographer working for editorial and commercial clients, in addition to documentary projects with a focus on leisure, community and identity.

The book is available from Hoxton Mini Press here