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“Let’s take a walk. We can talk. Just be aware that I will be stopping to take pictures. Please, walk to my right and never in front of me, that’s where I see the theatre of life unfold.”

Synchronicity showcases Fabrice Strippoli’s unique eye for capturing the remarkable in life’s most unremarkable moments. Strippoli’s lens work and his expertly crafted darkroom techniques transform these moments-from the seemingly mundane to the downright ordinary-into evocatively nostalgic pieces that invite comparison to mid-century masters of street photography like Robert Frank, Walker Evans, and Garry Winogrand. Combined with words by Juno winner Ron Sexsmith and New York Times bestselling author Justin Kingsley, Synchronicity is an ode to the medium of black-and-white street photography and a record of the enormity of life’s understated moments.

Most of the photographs featured in the book were taken in Toronto; with scenes from Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal similarly showcased throughout. As Fabrice himself describes in his Artist’s Statement, “I see my camera as a notebook of some description and I’m always taking notes. So, I carry my camera and observe my surroundings. A camera opens doors and conversations.”

You can buy his book here, Fabrice is a Millennium Images contributor.

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