Clarissa Vivirito

Italian photographer born Clarissa Vivirito joins the Millennium library, with a selection of contemporary portraits and still-lifes.

Clarissa Vivirito is an Italian photographer born in 1995 in Tivoli, a small city near Rome, where she now lives. She also attended the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, the photography and video course, for which she graduated in 2021. Photography has been the best way to express her creativity since the beginning. She used it as a mean to communicate all the research, the study and the preparation that are behind every single photo.⁠Her photography is mainly made of simple, actual things. Her inspiration comes from her everyday life and what she’s surrounded by, the places she visits and the sensations that she feels.⁠Among her most successful works we surely have to mention the “Atelier” project, where the artist pictures the models in their own closet, completely immersed in their natural behaviour and showing their daily life. ⁠⁠