Jeff Cottenden is a photographer who is renowned for his striking portraiture, still life and is now a Millennium Images contributor.

“When water cries” is a collaborative project between the photographers Fibi Afloe and Amelie Koerbs examining the connection between nature and humans as well as their effect...

Congratulations to Siobhán Doran, Millennium images contributor, who has been awarded 1st place in the professional Architecture and Design category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2024,...

Spotlighting some women within our library and their images.

Niall McDiarmid is a Scottish photographer based in London. His work is primarily about documenting the people and landscape of Britain. His books include Crossing Paths (2013),...

With the days getting warmer and spring around the corner we selected a few full blooms.

Alex’s photographic practice is concerned with exploring and documenting urban and industrial environments with a view to exposing the often overlooked or ignored aspects of a post-industrialised...

Sellafield is one of the largest nuclear sites in Europe and with 11,000 people working in 1,300 buildings connected by 25 miles (40km) of roads across 700...

A selection of our published work in novels

The third Monday of January known as “Blue Monday”, the saddest day in the year.

“I’m interested in ideas around being lost, loneliness and the symbolic aspects of darkness – it is synonymous with fear of the unknown. In the darkness familiar...

We are happy to wish you all a happy holiday season, and the best for the New Year. We will see you in 2024.

As the summer slips away we just want to become water

Naomi Wood’s work, ‘I Wake To Listen’ has been published in the book ‘Eye Mama: Poetic Truths of Home and Motherhood’ by  Karni Arieli.

Lydia’s work is being show in About a Woman “Sobre un Mujer” ‘In the Eyes of the Artists of the Americas’  at The Art Museum of the...

The summer not only bring the warmth to the UK, but all sorts of musical festivals. Wearing little clothes and indulgence yourself is the norm.

Charlie is a contemporary visual artist based in Montpellier, France. Of late, his work dwells on photographs as objects rather than images. You can follow him on...

Misper Apawu is a freelance photographer based in Accra, Ghana.

Cat Thomson is an Edinburgh based photographer who graduated from Edinburgh College with a BA in Professional Photography in 2016.

Nagib El-Desouky is a London-based artist who works with both music and photography.

Niall O’leary, our art director put together a sea side inspired gallery.

Inspired by the exhibition “Faithful and Fearless: Portraits of Dogs” at the Wallace Collection we did our own selection of dogs in our library.

Is it too early to be excited about the blossom and the light? In Millennium Images we welcome the spring and the new possibilities it brings within

In the frame of International Women’s Day we highlight the work of some of our female identifying contributors.

Mandy will be doing a takeover in our Instagram from 1st to 3rd of March, here an introduction to her work.

Jonathan Browning is a London and Brighton-based photographer, previously based in China for 10 years. We curated a gallery on his best animal portraits.

As we get ready to embrace the spring, we start saying goodbye to the coziness of being inside.

It came to our attention that many Millennium Images contributors, submit images of their families. So we built a gallery about it.

My premise in this series of work was to capture images in some of the most-photographed places in Switzerland, deliberately seeking out the picturesque landscape views that...

Rosie Barnes is a documentary and fine art photographer with a particular interest with the natural world. She also makes work about disability/difference, community/family. She has exhibited her...

With the holiday season ahead of us we look at our favourite images at Millennium. Gallery curated by Niall O'Leary Art Director at Millennium Images.

Congratulations Niall McDiarmid for his new exhibition "The Brits" at the Het Perron Cultural Centre in Ypres, Belgium. The exhibition runs till 5th Nov. Portraits of strangers...

Mathieu weaves connections across ancient and contemporary cultures, in search of what makes us human.

A compilation of couples kissing

Estelle Lagarde will be busy at Rencontres de la Photographie /Arles.

Contemporary imagery on still life.

City, beach and dreams. Mexico.

A selection of our most inspiring new submissions.

With summer just around the corner, my mind takes me to one place only.

Check out the latest submission from Ricardo Reis, with close up and personal portraits.