Misper Apawu

Misper Apawu is a freelance photographer based in Accra, Ghana.

She graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a BSc in Marketing in 2020 but later followed her zeal to tell stories with images.

It all started when she was a young girl living in the Volta northern part of Ghana. She was a hawker, selling sachet water in a local market. But then, something else always caught her eye: photographers. Tourists, with their cameras, take pictures of the traders around the market. When the photographers would show the people the images they had taken, the smiles on their faces made her realise that this was something she wanted to do too (Put a smile on people’s faces). But it seemed the dream was out of reach until she got the opportunity to receive free photography training and mentoring sponsored by Lensational.

Fast forward, and now she is an emerging photographer who is a member of African women in photography and World Press’s African photojournalism database. Through her work, she wanted to shine a light on social issues and focus on telling impactful stories about women, sports, and the environment.

Misper’s connection with sports particularly deepened when she began to explore her past as a sportswoman. It was her way of bringing her past and present together. Her photography was a way to capture our similarities and differences and to see how we could learn and grow from one another’s experiences.