Nagib El-Desouky

Nagib El-Desouky is a London-based artist who works with both music and photography.

The first area of creative endeavour that he dedicated himself to was music. He started playing at a relatively young age, studied music to a postgraduate level and earned a living for years as a session musician, contributing to a plethora of commercial projects, whilst also devoting some time to Jazz / improvised music projects.

After a good few years, in need of some respite and diversion, he picked up a digital camera and found himself enraptured. It was especially after finding an old Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex camera, left behind by his late father, that he truly fell in love with the photographic process and he has been exploring it ever since.

Nagib works exclusively with analogue cameras, mostly medium format. He values them for being, easily portable and relatively effortless to work with whilst still providing the visual pleasures and possibilities that larger sensors and film formats enable. Not only does he love the aesthetics of 120mm film photography, but he also enjoys the purposefulness when having a mere 10/12 frames per roll of film to work with. 

Nagib attempts to capture humans in an unapologetically candid, raw and honest manner. Often unclothed, without makeup, body modifications and devoid of the body language typically adopted in art nude photography. He is most interested in the universal qualities and experiences that we all share to a degree and continually finds himself pursuing ways of depicting them. This interest in the universal is also reflected in his attempts to depict the natural world in all its endless complexity and glory. Perhaps photography can contribute, in some small way, to encouraging others to recognise and respect all that we share?

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