Enzo Castellucci

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‘Born in July 85, originally from Montalbano Jonico, a small town in the province of Matera, Basilicata.

I have lived in Milan for years where I work as a firefighter. I approached photography starting with a compact camera I bought with the first salary.

I shot sporadically and very often took my camera to techno events. It was 2007, and that was the case for a few subsequent years. Only in 2016 I decided to buy the first reflex, on the occasion of the Camino de Santiago that soon I would have done.

Thus was born the passion for landscape photography. During my travels I photographed the places where I found myself in and somehow I was already beginning to tell something in pictures, unconsciously. I didn’t know anything about photography except the basics acquired with tutorials on Youtube. When I look at the landscape photographs I took what I was telling was not than a reflection of myself, and rarely an aesthetic fascination with panoramas.

In July 2018 I decided to enroll in a photography school in Milan. Thanks to the study I got to know completely new aspects of it that I had never taken into consideration before. And so, inevitably, the photos of the great authors strongly influenced my vision and my research.

Now my gaze turns towards humanistic directions, paying particular attention to faces and places where their lives move within. Reportage and portrait are the main ways in which I mostly feel affinity. Street photography was initially a primary necessity. Through it I have refined the way of observing what surrounds me. Landscape photography is today become an integral and indispensable part of a story, which in a subordinate way represents faces, and faces represent landscapes.

I also find myself in evocative photography, which I often associate with what I write. Poems, prose and phrases, observations and considerations. Therefore photography inevitably flows in poetry, and inversely poetry is transformed into images. In the past I have devoted several years to the study of music and dabbled in drawing and painting.

Taking a photograph for me is never just an aesthetic exercise, but it is an action that wants to go beyond the form to reach a content. This does nothing but advance with the photographic research I undergo to identify one right expressive dimension.’