Marco Del Zotto

New contributor Marco Del Zotto, with work from his project Land ++

Marco Del Zotto was born and lives in Venice, a city to which he is deeply connected.Gifted with great sensitivity to the use of light and particular attention to the subject portrayed, Del Zotto has been carrying out some long-term personal projects for years, both on the contemporary landscape and on portraiture.Extremely attentive to the search for the formal order, under an apparent repetition of a circular discourse, he addresses the question of beauty, form and order in all his projects. Photography as a means to touch the world, portraits or landscapes that are, caress it and live it in a direct, sincere and empathic relationship.

“When I decided to tell these familiar places, some even a few meters from home, others in which I pass several times a day, I still did not know that I would soon be lost”. The series “Land ++” highlights the meaning of certain permanences, no less than that of certain absences, visible elements and invisible elements. A game is taking place between the photographer-explorer and us, spectators-detectives in search of narrative clues. The places taken seem to hide in the darkness of the night, only to be revealed under artificial lights, bright colours or under the gaze of some statues, silent as gods and unique semi-human witnesses of a silent landscape.The forms change, chase and change in a deliberately different and mysterious repetition. Subtly disturbing, deliberately open. The photographer does not only talk about the places themselves, but also about the same photographic medium. Is the latter still a possible tool to learn about reality? Yes, the author questions the landscape, with the desire to bring out his own experience, in a dialectical relationship between himself and the world.Seeing what you wouldn’t see and understanding what you wouldn’t understand, here is Del Zotto’s challenge and an invitation to us spectators to do the same.