Ricardo Reis

Check out the latest submission from Ricardo Reis, with close up and personal portraits.

Ricardo Reis started photography by chance, his family discovered some photos he took in Paris when he was 12 years old and they praised them, saying that they had a fresh and unique perspective. His mother then got him a small camera, with the images he did a small exhibition which sold out. With the earnings he bought a superior film camera and paid the enrolment in a photography degree.

He started working reportage and documentary work, however has since shifted into creative projects. Primarily shooting black and white film, he enjoys walks with his camera to capture street shots but understands the balance between fine art work and street photography. Ricardo enjoys to navigate both.

The visual artist does not encapsulate himself within the sole gender of photography but will use any medium that allows him the best way to share what he sees. Ricardo Reis is a Portuguese photographer, cinematographer and director working in his home country, inspired by beauty, perfect chaos and an eternal conundrum.

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