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Mike Crawford is a London based photographer working primarily in urban landscape and portraiture. His work combines both analogue and digital techniques and has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. For over 20 years he has run Lighthouse Darkroom, one of the UK’s premier photographic labs, working for many leading photographers on numerous exhibitions and publications.

The series Nocturne explores the hidden corners of cities. Brief glimpses are seen at night or observed as darkness encroaches on their streets and buildings. Many images are multilayered, using reflections and shadows to suggest stories within a story, while others are purposely diffuse. Unwanted details are subdued often leaving just shape and form. Photographed in different locations, the viewer is taken on a walk through an imagined city.

A major exhibition of Nocturne will be held at the Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia from 31st January to 11th March.