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Christine Mathieu is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work focuses on objects connected to women’s history; Mathieu’s work visits the ancestral symbolism of these objects that are so ordinary yet, so extraordinary.

Christine Mathieu’s work ‘Parures’ explores the traditional headdresses (‘coiffes’) of Normandy. Mathieu began making her headdresses using ordinary wire mesh. The creations were then photographed, forming a body of work through which headdresses and pieces of lace silently pass. Shadows, spectres, elves, bodies and faces are suggested, as though frozen in recollection.

Mathieu is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. After a 3-year residency at the American Art Center in Paris, she founded L’épicerie, a graphic studio that produces work for public buildings. Since 2002, her images have been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions and collections.

Project realized in artistic residency: City of Conches in Ouches – Eure-France