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Iggy Smalls explores fiction, concepts of territories and how environments influence feelings of identity in her image based work. Smalls graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in Photography & Imaging. She received Adobe Rising Stars of Photography award in 2017 and has been featured by British Journal of Photography, AI-AP, Passion Passport, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Feature Shoot, Redux, Humble Arts Foundation and Der Greif, among others.

Smalls’ project Neverland is a location invented by author J.M. Barry for his drama play and novels and famously known as the home of Peter Pan. Neverland and its inhabitants are often interpreted as metaphors for escapism, immortality and refusal to grow up.

The project plays with the notion of a photograph or a photographer being able to capture reality; despite objectivity on our side. Not only is a photographers presence influencing the resulting pictures but by always being forced to chose and crop, the reality may not be told in its entirety, solely through images. Audio and audiovisuals may be additional tools for objectively documenting, while photos alone leave something to the imagination.