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New book by Ricardo Reis, Millennium Images contributor

When we come across images that evoke emotions, feelings and imagination we know we are experiencing art. At the time I discovered Ricardo’s work I was suddenly transported to the moment of creation. I saw, felt and imagined myself inside the works. His images are timeless, everything is possible, unknown yet familiar cities rush to receive us and engulf us whole. We are allowed to get lost in the crowd, discover a new expression, a new face, we feel at home within his photographs.

Why do I photograph?

Since he was young, Ricardo felt and needed to let out the emotions rapped inside  of him. He quickly realized that he had a different way of seeing the world. Photography has become the most realistic representation from his perspective, it allows mixing the real world with the dreamland.

The purpose?

When creating a photograph, Ricardo wants to produce a dialogue, to make the viewer feel something, even if it is a negative reaction as it means it made an impact. An internal conversation, a feeling, emotion, creating curiosity in the viewer for lives, stories and moments that make up his photographs.

The method?

Ricardo prefers to shoot in black and white film because is more sincere, he likes the process from having to prepare and compose the image in your head, to the final version. The colour can be a distraction from the true meaning of the intended emotion.

The route?

When Ricardo started he wanted to be a war photographer. He was fortunate enough to land an internship at the best selling newspaper in Portugal, which led to his work being published in several newspapers and magazines. Later he turned to fashion photography and fine art photography.

Buy and learn more about the book here.

Interview and text by Cristopher Murphy

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